About Barlow & Sons

Full of industry experienced individuals, Barlow and Sons hold the requisite knowledge and skill set to assist you in any potential claim you may have with regards to electrical equipment on your land.

What We Do

Barlow and Sons specialise in dealing with electrical equipment on freehold land, either private or commercial.

We have years of experience, dealing with many different kinds of matters that are relevant in helping our clients achieve the maximum claim possible, whether they want an easement or a wayleave.

A Successful Claim

Our expertise in the fields of law, surveying and property are essential to ensuring we achieve the maximum compensation claim for you.

Across the nation, countless people are unaware of their rights with regard to electrical equipment on their land, but Barlow and Sons can help them achieve the compensation they deserve.

Don’t Lose Out

For our wayleave service, we seek our full fees direct from the regional electricity provider.

We do not take commission or a charge from the payments you receive on the work we conduct on your behalf.

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch with Barlow and Sons to see how you could make a claim, or would like to speak to our team for any other reason, then please feel free to write to us at:

  • Barlow & Sons Limited
  • Norman Suite, 3rd Floor
  • Lyndean House
  • 30-32 Albion Place
  • Maidstone
  • Kent
  • ME14 5DZ
  • Alternatively, you may phone us on 01634 914 045
  • Or email us at info@barlowandsons.com
  • You may even use the contact box in the bottom right hand corner of this site to speak to someone right now if they are available.

Our specialist team will respond as soon as they are able.