Louise Wallis - Burham Kent Having received a knock at the door advising us we could be entitled to payment for having aelectrical pole on our property, the advisor provided evidence and detail of how they could submit aclaim.

It was a very simple process and approximately 6 months later we received details of how we couldreceive payment.

After signing the forms we received a payment approximately a month later.I am so pleased we were contacted by Barlow & Sons.

A very simple process with a lovely reward!
Mrs Gowin - Northamptonshire All dealt with very quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss.

Mrs Howard - Dover Kent A very welcome surprise to receive a cheque for the equipment on our land. Thank you for the professional way it has been handled.
Mrs W Winslade - Gloucestershire Found the entire experience very relaxed and professional.
The whole process was explained simply and clearly for the benefit of all to understand.

It was pleasant to hear good news for a change i e money coming in not going out. Just quick signature was all that was required and the task was completed in such a short time.

Everyone dealing with the operation were very helpful and understanding.

So would like to express my sincere thanks to all concerned for making this so painless and knowing there are companies that you can trust out there.

Mr A Martin - Lenham Kent We found your services very professional with good feedback and communication.

All queries were answered fully and documents were all in order.

Thanks for your excellent work.
Peter O'Grady - Higham Kent A job well done, always very polite. You let me know what was happening at every stage.

Thank you very much.

Alan Barber - Eastchurch Kent I would like to thank you for bring the wayleave payment to my attention. Also your hard working team are greatly appreciated in completing this transaction.

I am 100% satisfied with your service.

The cheque enabled me to have a much needed holiday on my 75th birthday.
Brightman - Bredgar Kent I have found Barlow and Sons very helpful with useful advice and information regarding the matter they have recently dealt with for myself and my husband.

They have also been easy and helpful with quick communication with any questions or queries we might have had.

The representative when visiting the area where we live was informative, friendly and helpful with the advice, when explaining to us about the wayleave payment, we was not aware that a wayleave could or should have been applied to electrical equipment on our property.

Thank you for your help.

Mrs Vince - Deal I was more than satisfied with the service of your company. Everything was very straight forward and professional.
A Kabdebo Gedeon - Canterbury Thank you for your efficient, polite service. Which brought an unexpected reward for me.

I would recommend your company.